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  WRECKLEAF: Caulerpa Periculosis Abscondita (C. Periculosis Abscondita)




          f the seaweed family Caulerpaceae (among the green algae)—a fast-growing, attractive, but deceptively hazardous sea plant. Grows quickly on runners, secured in place by root-like holdfasts, in precise PH level and conditions. Endemic to the coasts of the Panacea Island trio. To date, unable to propagate in simulated environments.

This is the trouble-maker—Wreckleaf—the very thing that liberated me and my family, saved our lives, and made us unlike anyone you’ve ever met—is the same thing that imprisons us.

We can’t live without it. It is our greatest source of nutrition, and because it has literally changed our biology, it is also our secret weapon. But now…they can’t live without it either. The people we answer to—the ones who “keep” us—demand it of us, for their greed-driven ventures. If we don’t provide, we are in breach of an “agreement”—a legal co-operative.

Here it is in a nutshell…

Do as we say or die.

But they need us. We are the only ones able to harvest Wreckleaf. For now, anyway. Who knows what sick and twisted biotechnology they’re designing to do our jobs for us? Rumor has it, it’s only a matter of time before we’re obsolete. But nobody knows what to believe. If it’s true…I’m scared to imagine what will become of us.


The folly of rich men is cruel and runs deep.


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