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       his is home…looks inviting, doesn’t it? Think again.


Panacea Island juts out of the ocean like a jagged monolith with a softened edge. Harsh and unyielding, yet lush and fragile. This island is a place to be both feared and revered. Countless of innocent, and many not so innocent, have lost their lives to the seductive call of Panacea.

Year after year, like herded sheep they flock, the Seasonal tourists to Panacea seek their salvation in some island-made magic, or potion, pill, or concoction. But their money simply cannot buy the true healing powers of this island and its waters. And no-one will ever have the ability to tap into its potentials, the way me and my family can.

Panacea Island…a case-study in contradictions. A terrible Beauty...


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